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Christian Bale Gains 450,000 Pounds to Play Sandworm in ‘Dune’ Remake

Amazon Gamifies Warehouse Work so If You Mess up 3 Times, You Die

Opinion: Magikarp Helped Me Accept Being Useless Until My Twenties

Boba Fett Movie Rumored to be 90 Minutes of Climbing Out of Sarlacc Pit in Real Time

Let’s Get this over with: Yes, My Tailpipe Is My Asshole (Guest Post by Optimus Prime)

Skaters Outraged After THPS Warehouse Converted to Luxury Apartments

Civilization VI Player Weighing Foreign Policy Decisions More Heavily Than Actual Leader of U.S.

Newly Created US Space Force Ganked by EVE Online Player With $3,000 Ship

Rip-Off: God of War Christianity DLC Only Has One Boss

Woman Disappointed Her Date Looks Nothing Like Her Cutscenes

Gamer Parent Calls Every Piece of Son’s Sports Equipment a “Nike”

Report: 20-Member Group Chat Much Worse in Person

Visibly Disappointed Andy Serkis Unwraps Yet Another Mo-Cap Suit For Birthday

Democrats in Disarray After President Trump Tweets That US Constitution Isn’t Canon

Incredibly Lucky D&D Player Skyping in Has Rolled 7 Nat 20s in a Row

Opinion: Why Should I Reward Shitty Cosplay With Free Candy?

Logan Paul Apologizes for Controversial Unboxing Video

Game Heartbroken After Realizing You Were Only Playing Because of Free Trial Weekend

Trump Drops Surprise Announcement of New 325-Million Player Battle Royale

ASCII Artist Sells Out by Taking That Huge GameFAQs Walkthrough Gig

Ranked: Top 1 Giant Space Worms In Star Wars: Episode V

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