Neil Floyd has been telling stories his entire life. He used to pretend he was a Power Ranger in the basement. Now, he spends hours upon hours alone, talking to the imaginary people in his head.

He started writing in middle school, when his seventh grade English teacher assigned five pages a week for the entire class. Neil ran with it. He ending up writing over thirty pages a week–a fantasy novel that borrowed (stole) from Lord of the Rings, Warcraft, and Star Wars. The novel (thankfully) will never see the light of day, but he was hooked.

Neil continued writing short stories well into high school, where he eventually became interested in filmmaking and screenwriting. He decided to put writing aside and attend film school in Philadelphia. Then, he worked in freelance film and television production for over five years. This wasn’t creatively fulfilling, however, and less than a year after graduation he returned to his first passion: writing.

After a brief stint with journalism and a rewarding internship with the nationally renowned magazine Game Informer, Neil pursued writing fiction as a career. He wasn’t a good journalist. Simply enough, he likes making stuff up too much to find any interest in reporting about the world as it is.

Neil is currently contributing for Hard Drive and Quirk Books, revising a novel, and making weird music with his friends. He lives in Chicago with his girlfriend and two cats.

You can find Neil on Facebook, Twitter, and near the buffet table at parties.

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