Want a quick bite for your mind hole? Read one of my shorts below!


Skinjack -- Would you lease your brain to strangers? No? What if we paid you? Great. Sign on the next page. (Reading time: 2 minutes)

King of the Rodeo -- A washed-up bull rider collides with a young newcomer in this bloody meditation on faded glory. (Reading time: 20 minutes)

Principal Reese Takes a Night Class -- Where are all the adults in YA genre lit? Honestly, Bella's dad was my favorite character in Twilight. Follow a hapless school administrator as he accidentally wanders into a supernatural YA hellscape. (Reading time: 3 minutes)

Legs -- This fast-paced post-apocalyptic story is for fans of STALKER, Fallout, and Metro 2033. Hold on for dear life as Grizz Pacher survives a hostile world while missing the one thing he desperately needs. (Reading time: 4 minutes)