I Didn't Feel Like Writing a Blog This Week so Here's a Stupid Listicle

 Already off to a great start.

Already off to a great start.

I'm gonna be real honest here. I've been writing like a madman since last Thursday and spent the weekend in the recording studio with my band. I don't feel like writing a blog right now. So I'm gonna sell out and write a stupid top ten list, Buzzfeed style. Here goes nothing. Well, worse than nothing.

10. Pizza


Who doesn't love pizza? It's just bread and cheese and sauce. A trio of deliciousness. It's foldable, handheld, and infinitely customizable. You like meat? Stick some pepperoni on there. You like veggies? Load it up with all the greens you can handle. Winning!

9. Kittens


OMG I'm dying rn. I seriously can't even. Cats are great but kittens are the real deal. They're soft and cuddly and will try to eat your feet when you walk past. And have you ever seen them chase a laser pointer? DYING. UGH.

8. Fuzzy socks


There's nothing better than wrapping yourself in comfy clothes during those chilly winter months. Kick off that crazy cuddle snugglefest right by slapping on a pair of fuzzy socks. They'll keep your feet warm and also show your roommates how quirky and free-spirited you are.

7. Jupiter


Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. Need I say more? On fleek!

6. Giraffes


All the fun of a dog but with an EXTENDED NECK.

5. Sir Edmund Hillary


He was the first person to climb Mt. Everest. He would've gotten there a lot faster if he was a giraffe. For that reason and many others, he's at #6 on the list.

4. Jupiter


Seriously, Jupiter is twice as massive as all the other planets in the solar system COMBINED. How does that even happen? It just doesn't make sense.

3. Scarves 


Scarves are one of the most versatile accessories and can go with nearly any outfit. Get a couple scarves in different colors and patterns so you'll always have a way to spice up your ensemble.

 2. Jupiter


I don't think you get it. Jupter's volume is over 1,300 times that of Earth's. I'm flabbergasted over here, and you just don't seem to care.

1. Jupiter


Is it any surprise Jupiter, the King of Planets, comes in at number one? It has the Great Red Spot, which is a violent storm twice the width of Earth that has been raging for at least 150 years. Cash THAT ousside, right?